Our commitment to enhance the social well-being of the local community and contribute to a sustainable future

FCL is pleased to present its second sustainability report within the annual report this year. It traces approach of reporting the key material aspects of sustainability and how they impact on environmental, social, economic and governance factors, which are of interest to both our internal and external stakeholders.

Sustainability is an important aspect of FCL’s business. Environmental and social considerations are crucial to the way we design, build and operate our properties and to how we manage our business. We constantly seek ways to improve our sustainability practices and we are taking steps to be more strategic in our planning.

This sustainability report covers the period from 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2016 (FY2015/16). The report is prepared based on the guidelines laid out by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international standard for sustainability reporting. The report meets the GRI’s G4 Core requirements and accounts for the Construction and Real Estate Sector disclosures.

Frasers Centrepoint Limited Sustainability Report 2016

Frasers Centrepoint Limited Sustainability Report 2015