Human Capital

Our Employees, Our Capital

Our employees are the foundation of FCL’s success and core to our continued success. We adopt fair employment practices, and put significant efforts into the development and holistic wellness of our employees.

Developing Our Staff, Fostering Their Loyalty

Strong future leadership built on solid functional excellence is the foundation of FCL’s approach towards talent development. We have a dedicated training team within our HR department in Singapore to take care of the training needs of employees. Each year, a learning directory is published and sent to all department managers to feed into the training assessment discussions at the annual performance appraisals of all staff. Learning highlights are also sent monthly to all staff via email. Training courses range from general skills (e.g. communication, computer skills, leadership, personal effectiveness) and stress management, to specific job skills (e.g. customer care, safety and security). Similar policies and practices are implemented for FPA. On top of the training organised by our dedicated training team, an employee may raise a request for training to their HR department or their supervisor.

In FY2014/15, we introduced the new Leadership Excellence And Development Programme (L.E.A.D). Over a course of six months, some 20 middle managers went through a series of customised leadership modules which helped sharpen their mindset and strengthen their commitment to the Group. Besides enhancing the management skills of participants, it also provided participants with a platform to interact with fellow managers, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

In FY2014/15, employees across our global operations have clocked in a total of 64,670 training hours. Approximately 60% of the training hours went to our non-executive employees, and the rest to our executives. On average, each employee received 26 hours of training per year. Moving forward, we target to achieve 40 training hours per employee per year. The Group has allocated 2% of our payroll for training and learning purposes.

Our training efforts have proven to be productive as we saw a 10% increase in the number of our employees who received the Excellent Service Award (EXSA) by Spring Singapore. The award is given in recognition of individuals who have delivered quality service nationally. In total, there were 119 award recipients from FCL in 2015 as compared to 108 recipients a year ago.

Developing A Healthy Workforce

We believe our staff wellbeing reflects the Company’s wellbeing. A year-round wellness programme for our staff was organised by our Corporate Wellness Committee, which is made up of members from various business units and departments. Our programme is planned around team building, personal development and health according to our motto “Make Wellness Part of Your Life: Regular Exercise. Eating Right. Staying Positive”. FCL is proud to be a recipient of Singapore HEALTH Award (Gold) in recognition of our good practices in driving employee wellness.

Strengthening Family Ties

We are advocates of strong family bonds and this is the main driver of our work-life friendly initiatives. In conjunction with the Chinese New Year festival, and to bring cheers and well wishes, every staff was personally presented with a goodie bag. In June 2015, the FCL Family Day took more than 1,800 staff and their family members to The Singapore Zoo and River Safari. As an ongoing initiative, admission tickets to the S.E.A. Aquarium and Trick Eye Museum Singapore at Resorts World Sentosa are given to staff and their family members as staff benefits.

Providing A Fair And Equal Workplace

As of 30 September 2015, we have 4,062 employees globally, of which 26 are located in Singapore, 14% in Australia and the rest overseas. We have a growing workforce, with the hiring rate of 31% exceeding the turnover rate of 26%. For our Singapore operations, our hiring rate and turnover rate were lower at 21% and 14% respectively. The jump in workforce from 2,230 employees a year ago was mainly due to the successful acquisition of the MHDV group of boutique lifestyle hotels in the UK.

Our support for diversity as laid out in the Code of Business Conduct, documents FCLs commitment to equal opportunity based on meritocracy and the elimination of discrimination.

Guidance on fair employment practices, including diversity, comes via our membership of the Singapore National Employer Federation (SNEF), and equivalent organisations in other markets.

Developing Our Employer Brand

As part of the development of our Employer Brand, we deepen our engagement efforts with student internships from various educational institutions, including Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic, ITE College East and ITE College West.

In FY2014/15, a total of 70 students completed their internships in both our local and overseas operations. This is an increase of 67% compared to the previous year. We are proud to have played a role in nurturing these future talents for the industry and look forward to welcoming more of them in the future.